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  • Provides a soft barrier that absorbs facial oils and moisture
  • Assists with holding mask in place
  • Greatly reduces noisy air leaks
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  • Reduces skin irritations and pressure marks
  • Reduces necessity for tight headgear
  • Promotes an uninterrupted, full night of sleep
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    We're not supposed to be telling you this, but here are a few insider secrets about using RemZzzs:
    Secret #1: Stop Washing Your Mask So Often
    Ok, you'll still need to wash your mask. You just don't need to wash it quite so often with RemZzzs.
    Secret #2: Use Moisturizers
    Yep, that's right. Contrary to what you've probably been told, you CAN use moisturizers with RemZzzs liners.
    Secret #3: Loosen Your Headgear
    With RemZzzs you won't need your headgear so tight. Go ahead, loosen up and get some sleep!
      What People Are Saying:
    "...I have had tremendous problems with my CPAP mask in the past."
    I suffered from leakage and ended up tightening the head gear to compensate. This resulted in large “burn” marks on my face that took days to go away and were only made worse night after night. Some nights I didn’t use the mask to help the marks heal which only resulted in lack of sleep and the dangers of sleep apnea. When I discovered RemZzzs on the web I gave it a try through their sample program. I was amazed how the liners not only kept me from getting sore facial burns but they also helped with the leakage problem. I am now using them every night and I have a better sleep and actually dream again. I would categorize the RenZzzs CPAP liner as a necessity now. I cannot go back to the old way. They should be sold with the CPAP machine and headgear
    Dan **** San Jose, CA
    "... Dear Sir, I never send comments to companies regarding products, so this is a first."
    As a 16 year C-pap user, I have always fought with air leaks. I just happen to purchase your product on line out of pure curiosity. What a miracle product!!! No air leaks and 10X the comfort. Finally someone got it right. You have a winner and I wish you great success.
    Tom – CPAP veteran who loves RemZzzs
    "...RemZzzs Mask Liners have literally been a lifesaver for my husband and I"
    We both have Sleep Apnea and have tried many types and sizes of masks but could not find any that would completely stop the air leakage. The noise from the leakage was waking us up almost as much as not using our CPAP machines. I was complaining about the leakage during a discussion on One of the members told me about RemZzzs mask liners. I ordered a sample pack right away. The first time we tried the liners, we were hooked. We both slept all night. Absolutely no leakage. We both whole heartily recommend the RemZzzs liners for anyone who uses a CPAP."
    Dr. Steven & Mrs. ****  Loveland, Colorado
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